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Infant Headstones - Precious Sweet Moments

Compared to all other headstones, the most precious are definitely infant headstones. The death of an infant or child is the most heart-breaking thing that any parent can experience. The memories of their beloved little one never fade. It is important that it be etched in a very special way and appropriate manner, for the special little one who is gone. An infant headstone is an ideal way of immortalizing the precious memories of the young life that has been snuffed out way before their time.

For the grieving family, the headstone can offer solace and be a source of comfort for them.

According to psychologists, having a special place kept for one who has departed is an essential part of the grieving process. It is a place that will be special for a very long time into the future.

Infant headstones are a lot smaller when compared to other kinds of headstones. Usually they are decorated using lots of infant themes in great detail. They contain various images of pacifiers, flowers, hearts and other symbols that help to depict childhood or infancy. It helps to immortalize the carefree and happy memories of the infants as well as the fun-filled moments that the family would have been given by the child.

In addition to the critical role that the infant headstones play as part of the grieving process, they offer genealogical and historical details also. They play an essential role in providing very important clues for a family tree to be created. Family history experts rely on headstones to obtain all of the required vital data. For centuries following the death of an infant, the headstones provide accurate records.

There was a situation where a miscarriage was had by a mother. The infant didn't have a death certificate or formal birth certificate. So the only record that the baby had existed came from the headstone. That baby's name had been etched in stone for all time. That was the tribute the mother had given to her baby. This mother's baby couldn't afford a tombstone. The Connor Kirby Infant Memorial Foundation provided her with assistance. It paid for the headstone in addition to all of the other expenses associated with burying the infant. Many groups offer these kinds of support services to families and individuals who are unable to afford to pay for funeral expenses. There are many memorial companies that offer installment payment options for headstones, which includes infant headstones.

Sometimes an infant's untimely death cannot be avoided. It is very painful for friends, family and visitors as well to see the headstone. With their life on earth being so short, about the only way that this can be compensated for is providing the best possible memorial for the infant. This can help to keep the child's memories alive for a very long time into the future.


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