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The Choice Of Wedding Reception Entertainment

When choosing entertainment for your wedding reception was couples will choose the traditional disc jockey, wedding singer or wedding band. While these are standard fare for any wedding reception, what about the guests that dont like to dance. Here are a few ideas which will make the wedding reception fun for dancers and non-dancers alike.

How about creating a fun newspaper about the lives of the bride and groom? This is usually a job for the best man and the chief bridesmaid. They can acquire photographs of the bride and groom at key moments in their lives. This could include baby photos, first day in school photos, graduation photos and other humorous photos of the bride and groom as they were growing up. The newspaper article would track their lives in a humorous way and conclude with a couple getting together. This newspaper would also make a nice souvenir for the married couple.

A similar effect could also be done with video. There are videographers available who will mock-up a video in the style of a documentary about the bride and groom. This will grab your guests attention and it will provide a nice conversation piece for the guests who dont know each other. The video is something that the married couple can look back upon in years to come as a splendid souvenir of their wedding day.

Hiring a photo booth is also an excellent way to keep your guests entertained. The photo booths come with props, which date guests can use to take humorous photographs. There is also green screen technology available which will provide interesting backgrounds for the photos. Photo booths can be used to take photos and video, upload them to social media and shared it with friends.

Arcade games set up in a designated area at the reception can be a great way of entertaining guests who are not into dancing. There can also be a pool table, a foosball table or a table tennis table set up in this area. Guests will probably drift between the main reception area and these entertainment areas. These games areas can provide a space where guests that dont know each other can interact and talk. Games can also be set up in the garden. Oversized games such as checkers, chess, connect4 or Jenja can easily be set up in the garden for an unusual type of entertainment. They oversized nature of the pieces in these games can help with guest interaction as there needs to be cooperation to play these games. Competitions can also be set up with a prize for the winner.

If the couple getting married particularly love dancing, then a dance competition may be just the thing to entertain the guests. The wedding DJ should be able to create a dance music compilation and all want to participate will be given the chance to dance. Wall as the dancers will want to show off, this can be very entertaining for dancers and non-dancers alike.

These are just a few ideas to enhance a wedding reception with alternative entertainment. The matter what form of entertainment you choose for your wedding reception, you will want your guests to be amazed at your wedding.


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