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A Quick Look At The Various Chinese Horoscope Signs

The Chinese zodiac is based on your date of birth which reveals your personality traits, heath, career and compatibility. There are 12 different signs and these are the rat, dragon, tiger, ox, rabbit, snake, rooster, goat, horse, monkey,dog and pig. We will now take a closer look at each one of these signs to get a brief understanding of the features of Chinese horoscopes and personality of people associated with each sign.

The first sign that we will start with is the rat. People who are born under the rat are charming and aggressive. They are usually quite talkative, expressive and enjoy going to parties and socializing. These people love partying, and can only occasionally be seen by themselves or quiet. The most compatible signs with the rat are the ox, pig, monkey and dragon.

Ox people are often hardworking and very determined and persistent people. They have a strong belief in themselves and usually classify most things as being good or bad. They typically have high standards and get upset when other people dont have the same standards. Ox people are very observant, have great memory, stubborn and are often dogmatic. They are most compatible with the rat, snake and rooster.

Tiger people are simply born leaders. They are fearless, unpredictable and intense which makes them great fighters who will fight for a cause that they believe is right. Even though they may be fighters they are usually calm and warm hearted and have a love for adventure. They are most compatible with the horse, monkey and dog.

Rabbit people are usually sweet, kind and quite popular. They are often famous for their artistic sense and good taste since they are usually impeccably dressed. Rabbit people are usually calm, sentimental and compassionate. They are most compatible with the dragon, goat and pig.

Dragon people are born leaders that are idealists, perfectionists and often inflexible. They are very determined and aggressive but sometimes tyrannical. They are most compatible with the rat, rabbit and pig.

Snake people are charming and popular that like to be the spotlight. Snake people are often very intellectual, cerebral and philosophers but can sometimes exaggerate. They are most compatible with the ox, rooster and horse.

Horse people are active, energetic and have lots of sex appeal. They know how to dress and are very quick witted and intelligent. They are most compatible with the tiger, goat and dog.

Goat people are very charming, elegant, creative and have good manners and charm. They are unfortunately quite insecure but have lots of admirers. They are most compatible with the rabbit, horse and pig.

Monkey people are quite cheerful and energetic. They are extremely sociable, diplomatic and excellent at problem solving. They are most compatible with the rat and other monkeys.

Roosters are very observant people that are usually quite straightforward. They are most compatible with the ox and snake.

Dog people are very honest, sincere and faithful. They are very social and quite agreeable. They are most compatible with the horse, tiger and pig.

Lastly, pig people are very honest, tolerant and sincere. They are very chivalrous and loyal people that are some of the nicest people around. They are most compatible with the rabbit, goat and other pigs.