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What A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do For You

I have been a Criminal Defense Lawyer for over 20 years. In criminal television shows the defense lawyer is portrayed as the bad guy who helps the defendant get off scot free. As frustrating as it may be to watch a criminal get away with a crime, you have to understand that the attorney was only doing his sworn duty to uphold the law. The defense lawyer stands as the representative of the accused in a court of law.

The legal defender has a duty to ensure that the respondent is afforded all the protection provided by the law and constitution. Although a person is charged with an alleged crime, that person is entitled to the presumption of innocence like everyone else. This is the basic principle advocated by the criminal justice system. The defendants lawyer maintains the position that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Thereby, it will fall on the side of the prosecution to provide adequate evidence to breakdown the strategy of the defense.

The work of a trial defense lawyer starts during the arraignment hearing for the accused. The accused, together with the lawyer, comes to court for the formal reading of the criminal charges. During the proceedings, the lawyer would enter a plea of guilty or not guilty on behalf of the defendant. In Buffalo, New York, arraignment proceedings are generally held within twenty-four hours of the arrest. Depending on the negotiation skills of the defense lawyer, the judge has the option to set bail, hold the defendant in jail without bail, or set the defendant free on recognizance without bail.

The bulk of the work of the defense attorney starts after the arraignment. This is the time to conduct a thorough investigation by going through police reports, examining evidence, and talking with witnesses on behalf of the defendant. These are done for the purpose of collecting valuable information that may exonerate the respondent.

As counsel for the defense, the attorney also makes sure that the defendant is aware of what is happening and how it will relate to the outcome of the criminal case. This is important as it will help the defendant understand the circumstances of the case and how it will affect the outcome. Moreover, the trial attorney would be familiar with the difficulties of trying a case in court and provide the necessary support for the defendant who will undoubtedly be dealing with a roller coaster ride of emotions as the case ensues.

In the event of a plea bargain offer from the prosecution, the trial lawyer would negotiate on behalf of the defendant by proposing several options. For instance, lesser jail time or the possibility of seeking treatment or even attendance at a rehabilitation center that may also help reduce the chances of the respondent committing crimes again.

Misgivings about trial lawyers abound because of how they are often portrayed on television shows. As a criminal defense lawyer with over 20 years experience, I can tell you reality is far different than fiction. You have a right to defend yourself against any charge and should seek experience legal counsel should you find yourself on the other side of the law.

Kyle Calabrese has been a practicing in the Buffalo NY area since 1994. To learn more about Kyle and his experience Click Here.

Top Techniques To Limit The Expenses Of Your Wedding

Planning for your own wedding can be tough, but this is also practical. If you have limited resources, but you have time in your hands to handle the planning, it is better to do it on your own than to relegate the task to a pro. You will learn a lot from it, from the cheapest sources of items, to ideas that will prompt you to be creative, such as doing your own table centerpieces and lace chair sashes.

It is easier to decide whether or not something is important to the event or if you can do away without these fancy things. To help you focus on the more important things that you need to plan for the wedding, heres a look at the top things that will only cause you to waste of your hard-earned money. By knowing these things, you will know exactly what expenses to avoid and save money when planning for your wedding and on the actual day itself.

1. Too many people in the entourage - You can have as many guests that you want to invite to your party, but you dont need a lot of people to act as your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Even if you will not provide for their attire, you still need to buy your entourage similar stuff, such as flowers or bouquets and boutonnieres. It will look more sincere if you only have a few people in your entourage, but make sure that they really mean so much for you and your partner.

If you think that there are certain people who will feel disappointed when you drop them off the entourages list, you can assign special roles to them during the reception.

2. Focusing more on the fancy things - You can achieve a great ambience even if you dont have expensive lace chair sashes or you did not send out save the date notices. Do not buy meaningless wedding favors that cost a lot, but wont be appreciated by most of your guests. Instead of the kind of favors that may look cute, but will only collect dust, you can choose to make a donation to a charitable institution. If you really want to give out wedding favors, you can choose the kinds that will be appreciated by your guests, like a pack of goodies or box of chocolates.

There are more things to focus on when planning for your own wedding than fancy giveaways and lace chair sashes. Focus your attention to the food and drinks. Plan the details on how to create a memorable event without going overboard with your expenses.

Things Students  Should Do Before Their Exams

You can enjoy all you can unless you dont have your exams coming. Every student must remember that there is a lot of money being spent on him/her so they have to be serious with their studies. For many years after getting a job a student is only earning the money he/she had spent in studies all these years. It is therefore crucial for students to prepare properly for exams even if they have been doing other things all year long. The first thing is to start preparing for exams at least 3 to 4 months in advance since last minute approach does not work for everyone.

A tutor should be hired for all the subjects you think you need attention in. If you have always struggled with mathematics you should look for an amazing math tutor who can prepare you for exams in less time and with less stress. With a tutor you know you are bound to study at a particular time during the day. If you believe you can study on your own when you havent been great with this promise in the past, you are just making a mistake. Not to mention, a tutor can even help you with questions that might come in your exam.

Staying away from parties and gatherings is another thing you would want to do. The best way to keep away from them is to announce among your friends that you will be busy in studying for exams. If you dont announce, your friends will never know. They will definitely call you to join them when they are about to have a party and it would be hard for you to resist after they tell you how much fun they are going to have. It would not be wrong to turn off your phone for some time too.

Look around you and find the people who you know have always been serious with their studies. Plan group study sessions with them. Your group could have your own friends in it but if you know your friends just like to have fun then it is better to stay away from that group until the exams. At home, you will have to create some space for your studies. Dedicate a table for your exam preparation. The table should be enough for you to have your notebooks, notes, books and other accessories on it at any time.

The good thing about having a table dedicated for study is that you psychologically feel like studying when you are on it. Furthermore, you get to avoid the temptations of studying while lying on your bed. Many students have the habit of lying on their beds while studying. They know it for a fact that it does not take them more than a few minutes to go to sleep in this position. Lastly, start your day early when you are preparing for your exams. Morning is the best time to understand things and memorize them well because your mind and body are fresh and ready to accept any information.