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How To Improve Male Fertility Naturally

When hoping to conceive a baby, many couples give little more than a passing thought to the importance of the part played by the male partner, with most of the emphasis on the woman's role. However, the health and fertility of both partners is equally important and if you are wanting to know how to improve male fertility naturally, then there are a few pointers to bear in mind.

Although age is more of a factor for women than men when it comes to fertility, you simply cannot overlook that men are not immune to the ravages of time. Although fresh sperm is made continuously (unlike the woman's eggs which are in the body from birth) it is not exactly made from scratch. The basic template which each man has which grows into mature sperm is as old as the man himself and fertility wanes with age.

This drop in fertility starts to become noticeable as a man reaches his early forties and as a general rule, it will take longer to conceive despite the age of the mother.

If you want to know how to improve male fertility naturally, the first step to take is to have a good look at the lifestyle and diet of the would-be father. Smoking and alcohol can have a huge impact on sperm health and so stopping these activities is recommended. In addition, both prescription and non-prescription drugs can sometimes be harmful and so it is always worth checking if there is an alternative.

We all know the basis of a healthy diet and never is it more important than when you are trying to father a child. Your diet should be balanced, varied and nutritious and to improve male fertility naturally, the following steps are recommended.

* Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to help prevent sperm defects and motility

* Zinc is an important nutrient for the father-to-be. Deficiencies can lower semen volume and levels of testosterone

* Include Folic Acid-rich foods. A deficiency of this important part of the B vitamin group can lower sperm counts

* Boost calcium and vitamin D intake. A recent US survey showed that upping your intake whilst trying to conceive can help with male fertility

* Get the right pills and discover how to increase the volume of seamen safely and quickly.

Other steps to help when wanting to know how to improve male fertility include doing a reasonable amount of exercise and trying to keep your bmi at a healthy level.

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