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Touring San Diego Preschool What To Look For

When checking out the best San Diego preschool, its important to take a good look at the place itself so youll know exactly how and where your child will be spending most of his day.

Following are some of the most important things to look at:

Learning and Play Facilities

These two may be combined with each other or may be independent of each other. Whats important however is that theres a rich variety of whats offered.

For example, there should be facilities dedicated to writing, coloring, music, physical activity, reading, and more. In connection to these what are the kinds of toys available in the preschool?

Youd want to find toy facilities that encourage creativity like LEGO or building blocks.

Food Facilities

Are you required to bring your own food or does the preschool supply them? If so what kind of food are they serving? Bearing in mind the clamor for healthier snacks and lunches, it only makes sense for parents to check out the cafeteria or the preschool program for snacks.

Of course, you may want to alert the school should your child have certain allergies. Whats great about allowing your child to eat in common is that they get a taste for a larger range of food items so that there are lesser chances of developing a picky eater.

Potty Facilities

Dont forget to check out the kind of potty facilities they offer! Children in preschool are often required to be potty-trained before being enrolled although this isnt always the case.

What you should look for however is a clean restroom specially equipped for child users. Take a good look at the after-facilities and how teachers enforce the need to wash hands after using the toilet.

Basically, youd want teachers to reinforce the same discipline as you do with your child in terms of personal hygiene. This should be one of your considerations when searching for the best preschools in San Diego.

San Diego Preschool Medical Facilities

Medical facilities should be extensive and not just your basic band aid box. Ideally, a nurse should be on-site with a miniature clinic to help children in case of problems.

This is crucial since children can be vulnerable to numerous health issues and due to the close confines of a preschool, theres always this chance of transmission. At the least, you may find yourself worrying about lice infestation in your child.

Opt for a child care in San Diego with sufficient preventive facilities such as routine lice checks to ensure that your kid remains healthy while in the presence of others.

General Look and Feel of the School

Cleanliness is the first thing you should check out when touring the school. Is everything clean including the bathroom for both the children and the teachers? Next up, check the room itself which should be free of anything harmful.

Ideally, a preschool room should be bright, airy, and should promote creativity in children. There should also be sufficient safety facilities such as a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher.

Some Terms You Should Know

The brochure and the terms they use to describe the San Diego preschool should give you a pretty good idea how the institution is ran. Here are some of the most common terms used and what they actually mean:

- Montessori Method This focuses on ensuring that the individuality of children is maintained and promoted. The Montessori Method believes that each child has a different pace of learning and therefore adjusts to that pace.

Comparisons between the students arent encouraged in this setting.

- Waldorf Approach This approach focuses on the imaginative quality of the children. It promotes creativity and allows children to explore with all their available senses.

It also focuses on analytical thinking and the ability of children to work and play with others.

- Reggio Emilia Approach The goal here is to teach children how to think analytically and solve problems through though processes. Theyre also encouraged to explore and learn through those explorations.

- Scope Approach Also known as the High Approach, this lets the children be in charge of the learning process. Essentially, the kids are asked what they want to do for the day and given creative leeway.

Once done, the teachers allow each child to talk about the success of the activity and brainstorm for new ideas next time.

- Bank Street Approach In this approach, children arent confined in the classroom. The teachers may encourage learning through the natural world, allowing explorations and basically getting children more acquainted with nature.

When looking for a Chula Vista preschool program, youd best ask the school administrator about the approach they prefer. Some schools do not use a straightforward approach but rather, use their own unique combination.

As a parent, its your job to consider the preschool and judge whether it would be the right fit for your child. You can also view the video below for more criteria on picking the best preschool for your child:


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