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Checklist For Planning Your Wedding

In order for your wedding to go as smoothly as planned, it's important that you use a checklist. A good checklist will give you clarity and help you be more organized, from the preparation to the wedding itself. Decide on the type of wedding you want and build from there.


Everything you do should be closely based on your budget. Otherwise, you'll only have unnecessary stress and even debt. Be clear with your partner about how much you're willing to spend. Also, agree on which aspects of the wedding that you'll prioritize.


You have to decide early on who the people you'll invite to the wedding are. Be extremely careful in adding people to your list, especially if you have a limited budget. Also, make sure that you don't forget any person that you or your partner feel must be invited.


You need to decide on a theme early on, for the details of the wedding to be consistent. You have to decide on the type of wedding you want.

It's helpful to hire a professional wedding planner in doing this. But most importantly, choose a theme that best resonates for you as a couple.


Reserving the venues as early as possible is important, especially if you're planning to have the wedding indoors.


As soon as you're sure of the date and venue, you may send the invitations right out. Sending invitations earlier will give your guests more time to reserve the given date, and prepare for the event.


After having a clear theme, decide on what your outfits will be. This is one of the most complicated parts of the wedding, especially for the bride, since she will have to make sure that she shines the brightest on that day.

Deciding on and preparing the dress early on will give her more peace of mind.


Usually, the photographers and videographers will not only cover the event itself, but also the preparation time and the prenuptial photo shoot.


It's vital that you communicate clearly with the event organizer. If possible, communicate with them right after you decide on the type of wedding you want so that they will have more time to think of ideas that can be done on the program.


This is applicable if your chosen venue is not offering a catering service. Check the quality of food and beverages, the manner and schedule of serving, and other details. Make sure that all your guests will be catered to.


After doing all you can to make your wedding as fabulous as possible, take some time to de-stress. If possible, delegate all remaining tasks so that you can have time for yourself before the wedding. Make it a point that you and your partner will enjoy the wedding ceremony, free from stress and anxiety. After all, that is your day!

Choosing Benjamin Adam Shoes For Indoor And Outdoor Weddings

In order to choose a shoe for the wedding day, you can be spoilt for choice with Benjamin Adam Shoes. Creative design and extra ordinary material of the shoe can mesmerize you completely. However, it is important to remember about the practicality of the event. According to the type of wedding, shoes must be selected. An extensive range of designs are presented for the mother of the bride and groom as well from this creative designer. Based on the comfort level in addition to possibility of damage or stain, shoes can be picked up from the outlet of your favourite designer called Benjamin Adams.

Through Benjamin Adam Shoes, sheer delight can be added to the life naturally. By looking at the shoes, nostalgia can be revived in later years. Practical designs are observed from the designer brand. Therefore, it has been advised to go with a shoe that goes well with the colour and couture of the dress. Both the shape in addition to the style of the shoe must compliment the complete ensemble. It has been urged by the stylist to select a shoe that is loved and adored.

> Shoes for outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding can be considered as a wonderful option. However, there is always a fear of bad weather on the occasion. Due to a bad weather, lots of problems can be observed for the bride, mother of bride and other guests in the wedding party. By using an umbrella, both hair and dress can be saved to some extent. Damage in the shoes cannot be avoided in any given condition. Dirt, wet floor in addition to puddles can be considered as the cause of damage.

Therefore, stain can be attracted by the shoes quite naturally. Due to rain drops, issues can be observed quite naturally. Material for the shoe must be chosen carefully. It is always better to go with the leather Benjamin Adam Shoes for wedding. Both the dirt and dust can be eliminated from the shoe in due course. Instead of peep toe shoes, closed shoes can be selected to avoid wet feet.

Nature of outdoor terrain must be considered. Due to presence of cobblestone and gravel, problems can be seen to walk in heel. In this situation shoes with a slim heel can be chosen in comparison to chunky heels.

> Shoes for indoor wedding

Diverse range of shoes from the Benjamin Adam Collection can be worn with an indoor wedding. Presence of dirt must not be considered on the occasion. In case of a slippery floor or lots of stairs then it is better to select Benjamin Adam Shoes with heels. Through this process, risk of fall can be avoided easily. It is better to practice with the shoes before the wedding day. Comfort and safety must be given utmost preference.

In case the event has been distributed in outdoor and indoor section equally then it is better to keep two pairs available. Closed toe shoe can be worn for an outdoor event. On the other hand peep toed shoes or sandals must be kept for the indoors.